Intuition and Sound Part I
The workshop was a good reminder and a lesson in ‘tuning-in’ to the client and staying focused in the present

Margaret C, Queensland, Australia

Through Helen’s workshop I have the ability and confidence to use intuition, and particularly sound, in my own practice.

Julie Bowman, complementary therapist and healer, Derbyshire

Can be booked as a single one-day CPD workshop or as a complete two-part course. Whether taken separately or together, Parts I and II lead to certification stage (Part III) for successful qualification in Reflex Resonance Technique™. Parts I and II each carry seven CPD points.

Part I sets the scene, teaching the reflexologist how to recognise and harness their intuitive abilities and how to apply them in their own practice. Intuition is critical, reliant on the skill and sensitive fingers of the therapist. Foot and hand reflexology includes demonstration, with the opportunity to practice in pairs.

Students gain a deeper understanding of intuition and its importance in connecting with the client, enabling them to trust and respond with confidence.

You will discover how to feel and interpret subtle vibrations of the body through the reflexes, and sense awareness of the body’s energy field.

This initial session includes an introduction to sound, and those who move on to explore this aspect further in our advanced Part II workshop report noticeable benefits to clients.

Please see our brochure for workshop content.

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Copyright by Helen Mary Perkins 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Helen Mary Perkins 2023. All rights reserved.