Matching the Vibration in Norwich – Intuition and Sound Reflexology Part 2

February 4, 2009by Helen Perkins

The group at Mangreen Hall had completed an intuition-based beginner’s course with the principal Angela Sellens-Drake of the Pathway School of Reflexology in Norfolk. They were therefore keen to learn how I used intuition and integrated the use of sound.

Initially I helped them experience the sensations through their fingertips when they held each reflex point to determine the correct resonance for sound reflexology to work. Exercises and activities were provided to heighten the use of the sense of touch which was explored with fun and openness. We worked not only indoors but also in the large secluded garden where all the senses intensified through being closer to nature.

Not everyone is an expert at using the sense of touch and it may be one of the other senses is more prevalent to help with interpretation. Using our intuition is unique to us as individuals, because we have either acquired it along with our own life’s experience or have had an interest in developing it. Most of us have a ‘hunch’ or ‘gut feeling’ about it, some have a vision or hear words to support it.

Use of sound has been used in many healing ways. For example in reflexology, relaxing music is often played or alternatively silence can be more rewarding and comforting. Sound Reflexology may be intrusive, but where agreed by the client, can provide therapeutic relief of symptoms. Finding the sound to match the vibration of the reflex point is partly the intuitive element of the hearing sense.

The group worked well using sound and some were amazed to feel the sound in their body when their own reflexes were held. Crystals were also used in the energy field and coloured scarves or liquid colour were laid on the feet. Feedback was encouraged between each other when giving reflexology, to effectively create changes in the vibrations of the reflex and how the person experienced it being the receiver.

Different vowel sounds were used and held on one breath… there was in fact a choir of voices in the room, which produced an uplifting and inspirational atmosphere.

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Copyright by Helen Mary Perkins 2023. All rights reserved.

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