Intuition and Sound Reflexology in Beautiful Brixham

May 3, 2008by Helen Perkins

This weekend course was organised by Sally Churchill who used to run the South Devon Association of Reflexologists area group. Brixham is a fishing community and tourist town. Sally very kindly offered me a room to stay, in her home overlooking the harbour. It was on the top floor and she warned me about the seagulls nesting close by that could be noisy! Luckily I slept very deeply and soundly.

The workshop was held at an old rather famous hotel on a cliff with spectacular views overlooking the sparkling sea. We were in a cosy room where we all just managed to squeeze in the Lafuma chairs for the reflexology practical session. We were fortunate to have a warm day and the participants were able to make use of the gardens for some of the activities and for lunch.

Comments from the group

What was the part you enjoyed most? ‘The sound – and the freedom’

How relevant was it for your own practice? ‘Inspiring, simple to relate to and understand’

How was the organisation of the day? ‘Well organised but also felt laid back and not rushed.’

Helen’s comments: The group was very friendly and welcoming. All were open to new concepts, such as the use of the word ‘vibration’ which is another word for energy, vitality or frequency. Using sound was difficult for some people and they ‘thought it’ instead and their partners appeared to get results. One member of the group asked me if she could advertise herself as an Intuition and Sound Reflexologist and I replied she could after completing parts 1 to 3.

Helen Perkins

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Copyright by Helen Mary Perkins 2023. All rights reserved.