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June 1, 2006by Helen Perkins

HAVING seen how some of my clients have benefited from this Ayurvedic aromatherapy blend, and had equally good feedback from other therapists with whom I have shared it, I am delighted now to make it more widely available.

Bowtech-Ease was developed in Australia by a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner. It’s a unique blend of essential oils including black pepper, camphor, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus, ginger, lemongrass and peppermint with the Indian oils of ashwagandha and sesame.

It can be applied to painful joints anywhere on the body and is particularly good for relieving the discomfort of bunions and even reducing them over time due to the reduction in calcification.

Ayurvedic medicine is a traditional Indian philosophy that believes in an holistic approach to life encompassing body, mind and spirit.

This fits perfectly with my own belief that reflexology can play an important part in a person’s sense of wellbeing and since I came across it while living in Australia I have had personal experience of its effectiveness. I love the way it can be incorporated so easily into the ‘thumb or finger walking’ and ‘palpation’ of a reflexology treatment and in fact I’ve been amazed at the results (see testimonials below).

It’s really easy to use… just apply one drop at a time straight from the bottle and press gently onto the bone until it’s absorbed – about two to three minutes. It’s non-greasy and leaves no residue or stickiness.

From a business perspective it adds value to the treatment as you are introducing something new to the client, and for extra benefit it can be used at home so there is a retail opportunity for therapists as well. Click here to order yours

What do clients say…

‘I’ve had a painful bunion for several years. Since having reflexology, Bowtech-Ease has been applied during treatment and at home and over a period of 10 months the bunion has reduced in size and is much less painful. My shoes feel more comfortable!’
– Margaret, Peterborough UK

‘After heart surgery three years ago I have a dull ache in my breastbone. I use a little drop of Bowtech-Ease every night onto this area and the constant ache has been reduced to a minimum.’
– Mary, Peterborough UK

‘I have painful arthritis in both thumbs. My reflexologist recommended Bowtech-Ease and showed me how to gently press it in. I use it twice a day when the pain is bad and just once when it is improved. Sometimes I forget to use it – that’s because there is no pain. I have been able to return to my embroidery once again!’
– Ruth, Queensland Australia

‘I had a very painful hip joint which my doctor said was bursitis. I dabbed on Bowtech-Ease the first night I bought it and am pleased to say it relieved the discomfort slightly. After four days use the pain had disappeared.’
– Toni, Queensland Australia

Helen Perkins

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