Award-winning natural products
Bowtech Ease and Bexters crystals have relieved my aches and pains to improve my quality of life; I wouldn’t be without them.

Trevor Ward, Peterborough
My bunion was red, inflamed and very painful. After applying Bowtech Ease as advised by my reflexologist, the inflammation improved, and the area is no longer painful to the touch.

Lynne Remmick, Rickmansworth

Helen is UK and Europe distributor for a range of natural wellness products that she first discovered while living in Australia. Developed originally for use by Bowen therapists, these award-winning products are now also widely used by reflexologists, physiotherapists and other complementary practitioners who recognise their benefits.

Bexters crystals and Bowtech Ease are natural, safe, effective and environmentally friendly. They can be used as part of clinical treatment or at home. Many therapists have created an additional income stream by retailing them to clients.

Our online shop makes it quick and easy to place an order. For product features, benefits and user testimonials please go to our website Bowen Supplies.

Bowtech Ease

An Ayurvedic aromatherapy blend of essential oils to relieve bunions and other painful joints. Equally effective natural remedy for everyday ailments such as hay fever, chilblains, scratches, grazes and even insect bites.

Bexters Soda Crystals

Their unique ability to draw-off fluid and so reduce painful swelling has proven highly effective in post-surgery rehabilitation or recovery from accident, injury or over-exertion. Treatment of choice for athletes and sports professionals to accelerate recovery after intensive training or performance. Can be used in bath or with purpose-designed applicator wrap.

Bexters Bath Crystals

Reformulated from the original soda crystals with additional Epsom salts, plus essential oil of peppermint, for the ultimate bath experience. A rejuvenating muscle soak to relieve all-over aches and pains; can be used in bath or foot spa.

NOTE: Not suitable for use with applicator wrap

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Copyright by Helen Mary Perkins 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Helen Mary Perkins 2023. All rights reserved.